2 Thursdays in a Row @ San Telmo, Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD

Melburnians - you know where this is!
Yes, I've been eating out a lot these days. And why not when there's so much good food to be had in Melbourne. I've read a news article that said if you're not eating right in this city, you're doing something wrong. I couldn't agree more. It's funny that it's so difficult to describe what Australian food is and I guess that's because this city is such huge melting pot. Just taste the food from another country and it almost felt like you've been there. Australians embrace the new and exciting. They are always willing to try something new and live in the moment. Hence, they are blessed with such varied cuisines from  all over the world.

I came for dinner at San Telmo for 2 Thursdays in a row. One Thursday before going to see Les Miserables (I loved this, by the way. There's something so intriguing to me about tragedies, especially when they get to belt it out on stage!) and another for an exotic night with my cousins. C wasn't feeling very well that night after coming back from their winery tour that day. She wasn't up for dinner but we forced fed her. And guess what cured her uneasy stomach? San Telmo's roast chicken! Juicy, succelent - it was the dish of the night.

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The one on the right is our side dish - Bruselas: Sauteed brussels sprouts with smoked ham hock, cornichon,
crispy shallots and manchego ($15) - Actually, no one liked this. I also thought it was quite mediocre but hey! No one ever liked brussel sprouts!

Pollo: Free range corn fed half chicken with minced garlic ($30) - This pollo is so loco! Crazy good that is. To think that the menu was loaded with red meat, the best dish of the night was actually chicken.

For our starter - a ceviche ~ Lemon cured salmon with chilli, sweet potato and onion ($16) - I really liked this dish but I thought that the coconut milk was quite overpowering. The flavours though were quite unique. It reminded me of a Filipino local ceviche that was packed with coconut milk and lemon juice. This was more subtle though. It's very South East Asian but made with salmon.

Bife de lomo: O’Connor premium pasture fed eye fillet 300g ($55) - This was just ok for me. The meat had a smoky flavour from the grill and they can make a really good steak. Nicely done.

Dessert time!!! On the left is Panqueques: Ginger spiced dulce de leche crepes with ice cream ($14) - I like this one. However, the leche inside was very thick and it made it too sweet. But for lovers of intensely sweet and milky desserts, you won't go wrong with this. It added another level of sweetness through the dulce de leche flavoured ice cream on top!
On the right is the Pastel de chocolate: Flourless chocolate cake with poached quince, drambuie custard and cocoa nib tuile ($14) - Very fancy, this one. I liked this better than the crepes. The chocolate cake was bitter sweet and the sweet element here was the quince. The tuile itself was also a bit bittersweet. This one was the winner for me.

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