What I've Eaten: Best Chocolate Velvet Tart @ Mr Hive Kitchen and Bar + More

A round up of what I've eaten so far.

Mr Hive Kitchen and Bar @ Crown Metropol

The highlight was definitely the desserts! We had the chocolate bar, peanut and caramel and the luscious chocolate velvet tart. I can eat this everyday...

For starters, we had seared tuna. I really liked the charred grapefruit. It's quite bitter but it cuts through the oiliness of the tuna. Very subtle flavours. Some people might find it a bit bland. 

For my main, crispy pork belly. Very Japanese and it has a broth. Again, subtle flavours but I enjoyed this dish. It's very well thought out.

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Romulus and Remus.

I've been eyeing this place for quite some time now and honestly, it did not disappoint. Coming in for lunch on a quiet Saturday afternoon, the spacious area is a bit moody and modern. Not quite the usual Italian place you would go to but it serves good food.

We had the chicken and pistachio terrine and the wagyu polpette (that's meatballs to you!). The terrine I found very tasty but a bit dry. The chilli jam that came with it was pure genius! Wagyu polpette was not the melt-in-your-mouth type but the rich sweet tomato sauce made up for it.

For my main, Ricotta and spinach tortellini served on sweet potato, caramelised onion, almond beurre noisette. I wanted to get this right. If you're not a fan of sweet mains, stay away from this. I think there were far too many sweet components in this dish, otherwise, I love the almond beurre.

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This one is quite old but still worth mentioning....

Rockwell and Sons...

Since the last I've been there was, I think, last year. We had a beetroot salad that was awesome! Unfortunately, it's seasonal and not on the menu anymore.

But don't fret. They still have the other really sinful stuff. I had the Pressed Rib sandwich on a buttery bun, fries and mac and cheese. Very American.

Desserts, sadly, were not as good as the sandwiches. Had the cookies and doughnut holes, these definitely need an upgrade.

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